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Manual for Systemic Change

Manual for Systemic Change
The International Commission of the Vincentian Family to Promote Systemic Change presents this Manual you now have in your hands.
What we present in this little book, "Manual of Systemic Change" was precisely understanding provide a  transformative methodology that since 2006, is being offered to the Vincentian Family, for his work for and with the Poor.
Its main objective is to give an idea of ​​the contents generally meet most of the requirements of a transformer and efficient work when it comes to helping people out of poverty and misery.
This "Manual of Systemic Change" consists of seventeen themes, although different, are closely interrelated. Part of the conceptualization of the issues, the systematization of the routes to follow and finally the effective and efficient functioning of the services we provide to the Poor.
They are the basis of the conceptual part of a systemic change, pedagogical, methodological and technical aspects as well as notes on the Vincentian charism that underlie our vocation, our values ​​and our mission as collaborators of the Poor.
As this is only a "Manual", the International Commission of the Vincentian Family to Promote Systemic Change deepens each topic in meetings and seminars with participants.

We would like this "Manual of Systemic Change" may concern everyone, and serve as motivation for the deepening and application of this methodology of systemic change, as well as knowledge of new paradigms that it provides for the construction of a world more just, humane and united. It is not a finished material. Suggestions to improve the text from each of the readers, are always welcome.

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